D15S Pressure Reducing Valve

The D15S Pressure Reducing Valve is designed to protect installations against excessive pressure from the supply. Can be used for household, industrial or commercial applications.

The D15S not only guarantees a stable, permanently set outlet pressure, it also protects pipes, valves and devices against damage which may be caused by too high water pressure. Ideally suited for reliable and constant pressure regulation in applications requiring increased levels of water, resulting in reducing water consumption and saving costs.



  • Patented cartridge solution for easy assembly and maintenance
  • One cartridge fits all; ensures efficient stocking
  • High corrosion protection thanks to powder coating
  • Water consumption is reduced and pressure damage is avoided
  • Set pressure is maintained constant - even when there is a wide inlet pressure fluctuation
  • Reduction of operating pressure and maintaining it at a constant level minimises flow noise
  • Maximum operating temperature 65oC
  • Maximum Inlet pressure 16 bar
  • Outlet pressure 1.5 - 7.5 bar



DN65 - DN200