V100 Volumetric Cold Water Meter

The V100 is a volumetric meter designed for measuring domestic flows of cold potable water for revenue billing. The V100’s unique design offers an unparalleled blend of accuracy, durability and security. With over 50 million units in service, in over 100 countries, the product offers high accuracy, long-life, low maintenance and tamper-proof operation, as well as the ability to provide valuable management information via a probe pulse unit upgrade.



  • Optimum accuracy and performance at all times, in any position
  • Revolutionary grooved piston for improved durability and performance
  • Durable tamper-proof construction
  • Full range of sizes from 15mm to 40mm
  • Water temperatures up to 50°C
  • Maximum working pressure of 16 bar
  • Pulse output available providing access to management information
  • T110 LRT Pulse Unit available – 5 metre flying lead



Available in sizes from 15mm to 40mm.