F78TS-F - Reverse rinsing fine filter with flanges

F78TS-F flanged reverse rinsing filters are for installations with high water demand. They can be used in large residential buildings, for central water supply and in commercial or industrial applications. F78TS-F flanged filters have the same highly efficient reverse rinsing filtering system as the range of household fine filters. The F78TS-F can be retrofitted with the Z11AS fully automatic reverse rinsing actuator and the DDS76 differential pressure switch. The use of a filter in a system prevents the ingress of foreign bodies, for example rust particles, strands of hemp and grains of sand. With metal or plastics pipework, DIN 1988, Part 2 specifies that a filter should be fitted in the drinking water supply immediately after the water meter.

Additional description

  • Patented reverse rinsing system - fast and thorough cleaning of the filter with small amount of water
  • Fully automatic reverse rinsing with retrofittable Z11AS automatic reverse rinsing actuator
  • Differential pressure switch can be retrofitted
  • Reverse rinsing strainer mesh is covered during normal operation
  • Polyamide coating gives high level of corrosion protection
Approvals DIN/DVGW
Filter type reverse rinsing
Medium type water
Body material spherulitic cast iron GGG40
Port connection flanges
Pressure rating PN16
Flow capacity Kvs 90
Reverse rinsing with filtered water yes
Mounting position horizontal