D06FA - 1/2" Spare valve insert complete
TM300A - 44/46 Replacement thermostatic insert
D05FA1/2 B Valve insert complete for D05F (without filter). All sizes (1/2" - 1"). ES05F1/2 A Filter insert for D05F. All sizes (1/2" - 1").
TM200A - 35/46 Replacement thermostatic insert
VA650A1010 3/8" x 10mm nut & olive set. VA650A1215 1/2" x 15mm nut & olive set. VA650A2022 3/4" x 22mm nut & olive set. VA3500A001 Draining adaptor (all valves). VA2501A010 DN25 - DN40 valves Tamperproof cap.VA2501A032 DN32 - DN50 valves Tamperproof cap.
Draining AdapterVA3400A001 - For all sizes.Thermal ActuatorVA2400A001 - For all sizes, temperature setting range 50 to 60‚°C.VA2400B001 - For all sizes, temperature setting range 40 to 65‚°C.Note: Thermal disinfection is supported by thermal actuator 50 to 60‚°C (VA2400A001) with pre...
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