Kombi 3 Plus Flow Regulating & Balancing Valve

The Kombi 3 Plus system is suitable for large two-pipe systems or district heating schemes that require precise regulation of flow through systems or individual heating circuits.


The valves have female BSP connections and are available in 3/8"- 3" sizes (DN10 - DN80). Systems with oversized pumps, or undersized pipework and valves, generate high differential pressures causing noise and inefficiency. By presetting the Kombi 3 plus, differential pressure across a system can be controlled, thereby reducing noise and energy consumption.


If flow rates or resistance across a system have not been calculated, fitting the V5012 diaphragm unit will set the differential regulation automatically, regardless of changes in system flow rates. This would be ideal for existing systems with thermostatic radiator valves (maximum valve size = DN40 with maximum flow rate 2500kg/hr).



  • System flow regulation
  • System flow rate measurement
  • Automatic differential pressure regulation valves up to DN40
  • System isolation valves
  • System filling & draining valves



  • 10/15/22mm nut & olive set for copper pipe connection
  • Draining adaptor
  • Pressure measuring adaptor
  • U gauge flow meter
  • Handheld measuring computer