Updated water controls guide helps installers get to grips with legislation

Water controls specialist, Honeywell, has launched an updated Water Controls Guide for installers. 


The new brochure features tips and advice for installers and specifiers to find the ideal valves and accessories for each water installation - and now includes a brand new section on the Building Regulations and a guide to legislation.


The addition of the legislation guide offers installers piece of mind that they are fitting the right products for the right application and complying with the latest Building Regulations Part G.


The extensive range of Honeywell water products - which includes its WRAS approved pressure reducing valves (PRVs), WRAS and TMV2 / TMV3 approved thermostatic mixing valves (TMVs) and WRAS approved reduced pressure zone valves (RPZs) - are also profiled in the guide, along with a complete product code selector.


Pressure reducing valves protect pipework, valves and appliances from damage caused by excessive water pressure. The set pressure is maintained at a constant, even when the inlet pressure fluctuates.


Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMVs) are designed to control water temperatures at a safe

level for showering, bathing and hand washing to prevent scalding.

The Reduced Pressure Zone valve (RPZ) is a valve which is designed to prevent contaminated fluid flowing back into the water supply line.


Matthew Watson, water sales development manager at Honeywell commented: “It is important that installers are aware of the benefits and features of different water products and also know which product to install where and when.  Equally important is ensuring that their installations comply with regulations to avoid any implications associated with failure to do so; which is why we have included a detailed section on legislation.  We designed the updated brochure to offer installers and specifiers as much help and guidance as possible.”


Other products featured in the brochure include balancing valves, strainers, water filters and control valves.  


The Honeywell Water Controls Guide is now available for free download here.