D06FH PRV High Pressure Pattern

The low-noise D06 is one of the most popular PRVs on the market, with over 15 million units installed across Europe.


The D06FH protects domestic, commercial and industrial applications against excessive water supply pressure. It reduces both water consumption and noise from water hammer, while minimising over pressure damage. The set outlet pressure can be maintained even when there are wide inlet pressure fluctuations. Reduction of the operating pressure and maintaining it at a constant level minimizes flow noise in the installation.


  • Outlet pressure set by turning the adjustment knob
  • Set pressure directly indicated on the set point scale
  • Adjustment spring not in contact with wholesome water
  • Valve insert is of high quality synthetic material and can be fully exchanged
  • Integral fine filter (160 microns)
  • Reliable and proven
  • Drop tight
  • max. 16 bar with clear filter bowl or max. 25 bar with brass or stainless steel filter bowl inlet pressure
  • 1.5 to 12 bar outlet pressure